we're in super low power mode tonight. not feeling bad or anything. just kinda too fritzed out to mask

mayhap we should exile the corporate stranger-kings and replace them with statues

honestly windows VMs need some kind of "disk cost of living" automatic growth applied to them because holy fuck microsoft why are your updates so messy and overbearingly huge. how is there always more and more and more cruft, like, all the damn time

food, ph, silly 

tfw you accidentally inhale shrimp powder and for a few minutes your sinuses and palate in their entirety are completely overwhelmed by dusty shrimp smell

stimky, not because we wish to be, but because we musk

developing this cool new publishing platform called http directory listing

weirdly miss the archaeo professor that would shout "nerd alert" every time anyone spoke up in class. to be fair, we were all huge fuckin nerds

read the label on the chow mein package in the fridge as "fresh clown meat"

we cannot forget that us humans are teaching the internet. we have to be stewards of its knowledge. we can't just trust algorithms to sort and prioritize everything for us

fuck i need to go grocery shopping but these pajamas are just so damn soft

thwacked in the face by our own soul stone on this a.m.

wanted: a full-time npc in the living fantasy village on my family's estate. must be willing to limit communication to a few stock phrases and endure constant theft, intrusion, and surveillance. excellent benefits package (including weekly stipend of 50gp and unlimited access to all of the potions you can drink from the town shop).

oh, what's that on my lockscreen? that's my shame notifications for emails i haven't replied to yet

cuddles so devastating they can unmake a nation

just saw a photo of the venue of an irl con and my immediate reaction was "wow the graphics in vrchat are hella good now" wtf

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